Come i Servizi israeliani ottennero i migliori successi reclutando e ricattando ex-nazisti.

Affare Plumbat: come Schulzen e Scharf, ex nazi, aiutarono il Mossad:
The Plumbat Affair, Davemport, Eddy, Gillman, André Deutsch Ltd, 1978

Nucleare israeliano: ricatti del Mossad a ex nazisti francesi e tedeschi:

"Since France was some years away from nuclear testing and success, Israeli science was an insurance policy in case of technical problems in France's own program.[1]  The Israeli intelligence community's knowledge of past French (especially Vichy) anti-Semitic transgressions and the continued presence of former Nazi collaborators in French intelligence provided the Israelis with some blackmail opportunities.[2]  The cooperation was so close that Israel worked with France on the preproduction design of early Mirage jet aircraft, designed to be capable of delivering nuclear bombs.[3] French experts secretly built the Israeli reactor underground at Dimona, in the Negev desert of southern Israel near Beersheba.  Hundreds of French engineers and technicians filled Beersheba, the biggest town in the Negev.  Many of the same contractors who built Marcoule were involved.  SON (a French firm) built the plutonium separation plants in both France and Israel.  The ground was broken for the EL-102 reactor (as it was known to France) in early 1958. Israel used many subterfuges to conceal activity at Dimona.  It called the plant a manganese plant, and rarely, a textile plant.
Using a West German front company and a high seas transfer from one ship to another in the Mediterranean, they obtained 200 tons of yellow cake. The smugglers labeled the 560 sealed oil drums “Plumbat,” which means lead, hence “Operation Plumbat.” [4]  The West German government may have been involved directly but remained undercover to avoid antagonizing the Soviets or Arabs.[5]  Israeli intelligence information on the Nazi past of some West German officials may have provided the motivation.[6]"

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Perché il MOSSAD chiese aiuto ai nazisti? (8 dicembre)

Centro Wiesenthal, cosa dice di Gehlen che collaborava col Mossad:

Una descrizione poco nota della figura di Wiesenthal

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