Perché il MOSSAD chiese aiuto ai nazisti? (8 dicembre)

The concept of revenge was embodied in one of the first laws passed by Israel, the Nazis and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Act of 1950. It permitted Israel to try war criminals for acts committed against the Jewish race even before Israel was created. That law's most renowed victim was Adolf Eichmann.
Lotz had been recruited by Mossad in 1956, largely because of his looks. Half Jew, half Gentile, he had been taken to Palestine from Germany by his mother on 1933 at the age of twelve. His first name was changed to Zeev but in appearance he remained notably Aryan. He was spotted by Mossad while serving in Military Intelligence and he readily agreed to take on an extraordinary and dangerous mission. Mossad had long been itching to infiltrate an agent into Cairo and, with Lotz as his candidate, Harel asked the West German secret service, the BND (Bundesnachrichtdienst), for help. The head of the BND, General Reinhard Gehlen, arranged for Lotz to be provided with training and cover. In due course Wolfgang Lotz arrived in Cairo posing as a fervent anti-semite, a horserider and stud farmer and a healthy man-about-town. The BND's own agent in Cairo was told nothing.

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