Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 19:44:17 EDT
Subject: Re: Those who are killing me are doing so with the utmost diligence and pride
To:, (ketoj),

Mr. Keto:

I too was a long term and hardworking Scientist who worked for GE as a contractor for the Nuclear Navy.

I, in fact, I designed the most widely used Nuclear Power Plant in use in the Navy today.

During 1985 I reported [as manager of health and safety] hundreds of health and safety violations at a land based nuclear facility located near Saratoga Springs, NY.

My reward for 30 years of service was to have my security files falsified, my past performance appraisals falsified, my salary actions terminated and eventually put out on some kind of disability, the nature of which is still unknown to me.

During the course of all of this activity against me I found out that the land based Navy reactors were being run w/o the benefit of ECCS's or containment vessels, reactor accidents went unreported to the DOE and the public, as well as dozens of other illegal activities.

I also found out that the actions taken against me are not unique. Mr. Frank Bordell, a well known and highly respected health physicist, was terminated for exposing 400 cases of past and present radiation exposures. Another of my friends was terminated because he refused to sign off on a false report concerning the dumping of radiation into a creek running near the facility. His manager wanted him to lie about the quantity.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that the DOE/NRC is rife with corruption and government cover-ups.

I have been to four meetings in Washington, DC attended by hundreds of whistleblowers whose lives have been destroyed by these organizations as well as the contractors who do the work for the DOE/NRC.

The lives of all of these people remain destroyed, for a simple reason -- the United States Government does not want the nuclear industry exposed for what it really is.

If the American public had the slightest clue has to how badly the nuclear industry has affected our lives, the public would go on a rampage.

The crimes are compounded even more when those people who know about the criminal nature of the activities continue to help management and the government continue in the criminal cover-up by remaining silent. There are no bystanders in this industry.

How is it that the steam generators at Indian Point 3 went un-replaced for over four years, hundreds of people must have known that the replacements should have taken place but no one spoke up? Fear of reprisal is nothing more than being a party to the cover-up.

Much of what I have written here is documented on my web site,

John P. Shannon
Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer
former Manager of Health and Safety
at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory