Reliable solar water heaters at a competitive cost (30 giugno)

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Nice to see this technology back, how much$$$??. Unfortunately the U.S. (Originally from Australia) made  "Copper Cricket" (Sage Advance Corporation,Eugene Oregon)  went out of business in 1995. It works on a system called Passive Thermosiphoning , similar to the new coffee makers. They were 2,450$ u.s. + 200 shipping.

"Sage Advance Corporation provides reliable solar water heaters at a cost per unit of energy which is competitive with conventional energy sources but with a much smaller environmental cost.  Two of the company's solar hot water heaters, the Copper Cricket and the Copper Dragon, are claimed to provide heat efficiently without the need for tanks on roofs or mechanical, electrical or electronic parts failure. The products also have total freeze protection.  SAC's products were created to solve the problems of active and passive solar water heaters, tanks on the roof for passive and failing motors, and pumps and valves for active systems.  All the Crickets and Dragons on line save the atmosphere from 4,600 tons of carbon dioxide every year.  Solar water heaters provide a local source of energy, the more energy provided by individuals' solar water heaters the more stable the community energy supply."
7 Solar Water Heating System Designs
By Michael Hackleman