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Oggetto: Resolutions of the Disabled American Veterans
2000 National Convention
Reno, Nevada

Res. No. 001
Disabled American Veterans Statement of Policy

Ratings and Awards

Res. No. 002
Provide a 10-Year Protection Period for Service-Connected Disability Evaluations

Res. No. 005
Oppose Reduction, Taxation, or Elimination of Veterans` Benefits

Res. No. 006
Oppose Lump-Sum Payments for Service- Connected Disabilities

Res. No. 007
Oppose Subjecting Compensation to Means Testing

Res. No. 009
Support Legislation Authorizing Presumptive Service Connection for All Radiogenic Diseases

Res. No. 010
Liberalize Criteria for Agent Orange Claims

Res. No. 011
Compensate Persian Gulf War Veterans Suffering from Illnesses Circumstantially Linked to Their Service in the Persian Gulf War

Res. No. 012
Oppose a Freeze in the Rates of Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation Benefits

Res. No. 013
Oppose Any Change That Would Redefine Service-Connected Disability or Restrict the Conditions or Circumstances Under Which It May Be Established

Res. No. 014
Support Legislation Providing that Special Separation Benefits Payments Not Be Withheld from Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation Payments

Res. No. 016
Amend Provisions Regarding Eligibility for Automobile Adaptive Equipment to Include Any Veteran Whose Service-Connected Disability Inhibits His/Her Ability to Safely Operate a Motor Vehicle

Res. No. 050
Expand Prisoner-of-War Presumptions

Res. No. 052
Increase Disability Compensation

Res. No. 058
Oppose the Imposition of Time Limits for Filing Compensation Claims

Res. No. 064
Oppose Any Proposal That Would Offset Payments of Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits or Any Other Federal Benefit by Department of Veterans Affairs Compensation

Res. No. 066
Oppose the Permanent Rounding Down of Cost-of-Living Adjustments in Veterans` Benefits

Res. No. 067
Provide Special Monthly Compensation for Loss of Female Mammary Gland

Res. No. 068
Provide a Temporary Total Rating for the Period That an Amputee Has a New Prosthetic Device Constructed

Res. No. 069
Increase the Grant for Automobiles or Other Conveyances Available to Certain Disabled Veterans and Provide for Automatic Annual Adjustments Based on the Increase in the Cost of Living

Res. No. 070
Restore Protections Against Unwarranted Awards of Veterans` Benefits to Third Parties in Divorce Actions

Res. No. 096
Support a Change in Regulatory Requirements for a Temporary Total Rating Under Section 4.30 of Title 38, Code of Federal Regulations

Res. No. 106
Support a Change in the Payment of Certain Accrued Benefits Upon Death of a Beneficiary

Res. No. 200
Support Legislation to Repeal the Prohibition Against Service Connection for Smoking-Related Illnesses

Res. No. 218
Expand Provisions to Allow for Clothing Allowance Where There Is Irreparable Damage to Clothing from Prescription Medication for Service-Connected Conditions

Res. No. 248
Support Legislation to Remove the Prohibition Against Concurrent Receipt of Military Retired Pay and Veterans` Disability Compensation

Res. No. 249
Support Legislation to Reestablish the Presumption That Veterans Who Served in Vietnam Were Exposed to Dioxin

Res. No. 250
Support Legislation to Remove the Estate Limit Applicable to Certain Incompetent Veterans

Res. No. 271
Support Change in Law to Provide for Commencement of Payment Period for Temporary Total Ratings for Compensation as of Date of Entitling Event

Res. No. 272
Support Legislation to Allow All Veterans to Recover Amounts Withheld as Tax on Disability Severance Pay

Claims and Appeals Procedures

Res. No. 059
Support Legislation to Preclude Inappropriate Remands from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to the Board of Veterans` Appeals

Res. No. 060
Oppose Reduction of the Appeal Period for Department of Veterans Affairs Decisions

Res. No. 090
Support Legislation to Allow for the Payment of Attorneys` Fees, Under Section 2412 of Title 28, United States Code, Equal Access to Justice Act, to Unsupervised Nonattorney Representatives Practicing Before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Res. No. 251
Support Legislation to Restore the Government`s Duty to Assist Claimants for Veterans` Benefits

Res. No. 252
Support Legislation to Require Judicial Enforcement of the Statutory Benefit-of- the-Doubt Rule

Res. No. 273
Support Legislation to Make Claims Procedures of the Department of Veterans Affairs Exclusive

Res. No. 274
Oppose Any Change in the Scope of the Review of Department of Veterans Affairs Decisions by the Board of Veterans` Appeals

Res. No. 278
Support Legislation to Require the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to Decide Cases by Panels of at Least Three Judges

Res. No. 279
Support Legislation to Prohibit Participation of Central Legal Staff in Decisions of the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and Oversight Hearings on the Operations of the Court

Res. No. 280
Support Legislation to Expand the Jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to Include Questions of Law in Veterans` Appeals

Housing, Insurance, Cemeteries, and Burial

Res. No. 017
Provide an Increase in the Specially Adapted Housing Grant Authorized by Section 2101(a) of Title 38, United States Code

Res. No. 018
Provide an Open Period to Apply for Service Disabled Veterans` Insurance (RH)

Res. No. 019
Extend Eligibility for Veterans` Mortgage Life Insurance to Service-Connected Veterans Rated Permanently and Totally Disabled

Res. No. 020
Support an Increase in the Department of Veterans Affairs Burial Allowance for Service-Connected Veterans and Provide for Automatic Annual Adjustments

Res. No. 021
Restore Eligibility and Increase Burial and Plot Allowance

Res. No. 022
Support Legislation to Provide a Headstone or Marker for All Veterans

Res. No. 072
Increase the Face Value of Service Disabled Veterans` Insurance (RH)

Res. No. 074
Support Legislation to Provide for Waiver of Premiums for Supplemental Service Disabled Veterans` Insurance

Res. No. 275
Provide for an Adequate Number of National Cemeteries

Education and General

Res. No. 024
Support Legislation for a Cost-of- Living Adjustment for the Dependents Education Assistance Program

Res. No. 025
Oppose Any Reduction in Veterans` Programs

Res. No. 026
Support Adequate Funding for All Department of Veterans Affairs Programs

Res. No. 027
Oppose the Use of Department of Veterans Affairs Generated Savings for Purposes Other Than Restoring Veterans` Benefits and Services

Res. No. 028
Oppose Reorganization of the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Bureau Within the Department of Defense

Res. No. 029
Support Legislation That Would Exempt the Benefits Paid to Wartime Service-Connected Disabled Veterans from the "Pay-Go" Provisions of the Budget Enforcement Act

Res. No. 078
Provide Educational Benefits for Dependents of Service-Connected Veterans Rated 80 Percent or More Disabled

Res. No. 079
Eliminate the Delimiting Date for Eligible Spouses and Surviving Spouses for Benefits Provided Under Chapter 35 of Title 38, United States Code

Res. No. 221
Maintain and Retain Competent Representation for Surviving Spouses

Hospital and Medical Care

Res. No. 033
Support Legislation Which Provides Service-Connected Veterans Priority Within the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System

Res. No. 034
Oppose Third-Party Payments for Service-Connected Disability

Res. No. 035
Support Enhancement of Long-Term Health Care to Veterans

Res. No. 036
Support Additional Funding for Community-Based Outpatient Clinics Now and in the Future

Res. No. 092
Support Legislation to Extend CHAMPVA Entitlement Until Graduation of Full-Time Students

Res. No. 126
Increase the Limitation for Fee- Based Care

Res. No. 135
Lift Restrictions for Department of Veterans Affairs Physicians to Provide Opinions for VA Patients

Res. No. 173
Support the Provision of Emergency Care in Non-Department of Veterans Affairs Facilities to Veterans Enrolled in VA`s Health Care System

Res. No. 174
Oppose Any Increase in or Extension of Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care Co-Payments

Res. No. 176
Support Adequate Medical Services and Benefits for Women Veterans

Res. No. 177
Urge the Department of Veterans Affairs to Impose Guidelines to Preclude Inappropriate Use of Non- Physicians for Disability Examinations

Res. No. 195
Support Adequate Salary and Pay Levels for VA Physicians, Dentists, and Nurses

Res. No. 196
Support Department of Veterans Affairs Paying its Fair Share of the Cost of Caring for Veterans Residing in State Veterans Homes

Res. No. 229
Oppose the Imposition of User Fees for Outpatient Medical Care at Military Medical Facilities

Res. No. 237
Reorganize Veterans Integrated Service Networks to Be Responsive to Geographic Accessibility and Diverse Needs of Veterans

Res. No. 281
Support the Provision of Comprehensive Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care Services to Entitled Veterans

Res. No. 282
Amend Title 38, United States Code, to Include Dental Care and Treatment to All Enrolled Veterans Within the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System


Res. No. 037
Provide Necessary Funding for Local Veterans Employment Representatives and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialists

Res. No. 038
Oppose the Transfer of the Veterans` Employment and Training Service to the Employment and Training Administration

Res. No. 039
Oppose the Transfer of the Veterans` Employment and Training Service to the Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Service

Res. No. 040
Subject the United States Postal Service to Proposed Enhancements in Veterans` Preference

Res. No. 041
Provide Veterans Rehabilitation and Counseling Service Staff with State-of-the-Art Equipment

Res. No. 128
Support Veterans` Preference in Public Employment

Res. No. 131
Provide Adequate Funding and Permanency for Veterans` Employment and/or Training Including National Veterans` Training Institute, Small Business Administration, Disabled Veterans` Outreach Program, Local Veteran Employment Representatives, and Homeless Programs

Res. No. 182
Provide Increased Funding for the Transition Assistance Program and the Disabled Transition Assistance Program

Res. No. 183
Support Increased Federal Funding for Homeless Veterans Initiatives

Res. No. 232
Amend Legislation That Gives Disabled Veterans Priority in Affirmative Action as a Group Within the Other Designated Groups for Which Affirmative Action is Required

Res. No. 234
Support Legislation to Allow Disability Retired Servicemembers to Receive Credit for Years of Military Service in Civil Service Retirement

Res. No. 283
Support Legislation to Define Veterans Preference as Not An "Employment Practice" Within the Meaning of the Law

Military Affairs and National Security

Res. No. 030
Support Legislation to Ensure That Military Retirees Receive All Benefits Which Were Promised Them When They Entered the Armed Forces

Res. No. 085
Extend Commissary and Exchange Privileges to Veterans With Service-Connected Disability and Their Dependents

Res. No. 086
Support Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Military Retirees

Res. No. 087
Seek the Immediate Release of Any Americans Who May Still Be Held Captive Following World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam War and the Return of the Remains of Any Americans Who Died During These Wars

Res. No. 089
Oppose the Dissolution of the Military Commissary System

Res. No. 118
Extend Military Commissary and Exchange Privileges and Space- Available Air Travel to Certain Service-Connected Disabled Veterans

Res. No. 121
Oppose Any Authorization of Use of Members of the Armed Forces for Human Experimentation Without Their Knowledge and Informed Consent

Res. No. 123
Support a Strong National Defense

Res. No. 276
Support Amendments to the Law Concerning Special Compensation Paid by the Department of Defense to Certain Severely Disabled Military Longevity Retirees

Res. No. 277
Extend Space-Available Air Travel Aboard Military Aircraft to 100 Percent Service-Connected Disabled Veterans


Res. No. 091
Support Legislation to Allow Veterans` Organizations to Solicit Contributions on Post Office Property

Res. No. 124
Encourage All Disabled Veterans to Become Registered Voters and Vote

Res. No. 172
Condemn Public Desecration of the Flag of the United States

Res. No. 255
Construct a Monument to Commemorate the Sacrifices of America`s Disabled Veterans