July 17, 2001
Company fined for nuclear safety violations in Ohio
from staff reports

One of the companies involved in the partnership that runs the Y-12 National Security Complex has been fined $137,500 for nuclear safety violations at another Department of Energy facility.

DOE issued the civil penalty to BWX Technologies of Ohio Inc. for violations at the Mound Site in Miamisburg, Ohio.

The violations, according to DOE information, are associated with the following:

A January 2001 incident where a worker "accidentally" inhaled plutonium, and plutonium contamination spread into a room.

Radiological work permits did not require that workers be tested for exposure to a full range of potential exposure hazards.

Multiple failures to comply with safety-review procedures used to evaluate the potential effect of proposed changes in nuclear facilities.

The company's failure to properly review and test changes in computer software meant to ensure timely turn-around for analyzing samples.

The recent fines follow an October 1997 civil penalty of $112,500 issued to the previous Mound Site manger and a November 1998 civil penalty of $165,000 issued to BWX Technologies for similar problems. BWX Technologies Inc. aligned with Bechtel National Inc. to form the partnership BWXT Y-12, which officially began operating Y-12 in late 2000.