June 20, 2001
K-25 water records missing
by Paul Parson
Oak Ridger staff

Another potential problem has surfaced in the investigation of historic water contaminations at the Oak Ridge K-25 Site.

The project's oversight team has learned that the Department of Energy apparently did not keep any documentation concerning building K-1001 that may be pertinent to sick worker issues. K-1001, which was completely demolished earlier this year, was an administration building in which several sick workers say they worked.

"I can't believe this was just an innocent mistake," said Sherrie Farver, who represents the Coalition for a Healthy Environment on the oversight team. "It never should have happened. It's a serious blow to the investigation."

The investigation began after concerns were voiced by site workers last August about cross-contaminated water lines at K-25.

Initial tests indicated that K-25's current drinking water is safe to consume. Findings stated that there were no contaminants in the drinking water at K-25 whose levels exceeded Environmental Protection Agency- and state-regulated standards.

The latest part of the K-25 investigation, which examines historic water contaminations, is being conducted by a project team that includes engineering firms Malcolm Pirnie Inc. and TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering.

Opinions vary on how the loss of K-1001 will affect the investigation.

Remains from the building, including water pipes, have been disposed of at an undisclosed landfill and may have been contaminated with other materials during the burial, according to officials with Parallax Inc., the DOE contractor for the K-25 investigation. Thus, the project team may never know if various water lines were cross-connected, which could have led to possible contaminations.

K-1001 was built in 1944 as part of the World War II Manhattan Project. The 93,700-square-foot building stayed operational until 1999, when it was determined to no longer be suitable for office space.

Donzettia Hill, who worked in K-1001 for five years in the early 1990s, says she suffers from illnesses related to her work in the building. Because she is beryllium sensitive, Hill runs the risk of developing berylliosis, a permanent, disabling and incurable lung disease.

"I'm really concerned," she said. "We have no way of knowing what could've been in the flooring or in the walls."

Hill, who's 46 years old, added that DOE should have had some protocol in place for preserving information critical to people's health.

"They have shut the door in my face," she said. "I'm not insurable. By doing this, they could have buried my long-term health care with it (the piping)."

The K-1001 incident isn't the only problem the K-25 investigation has endured. It was announced in April that two hard drives were missing from a computer believed to contain information beneficial to the project.

Some members of the oversight team felt the computer situation was so troubling that the matter was turned over to the DOE Inspector General's office and Roane County District Attorney General Scott McCluen for investigation, which apparently has not been initiated yet.


 The story of the uranium enrichment plants fluorides linked health effects are still not being handled with the compensation bill.

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