NucNews Special Announcement re July 16


Good news for the U.S.!  Subscribers from other countries, take heart, and help spread the word!

Once again DC's Delegate to Congress, Eleanor Holmes Norton, will introduce her "Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act" on July 16th, the anniversary of the first official nuclear explosion at Alamogordo, NM (July 16, 1945).  You can read more at, and last session's version of the bill at

This will be the fifth time Congresswoman Norton has introduced the legislation since Washington D.C.'s voters voted for Initiative 37.

I'll notify you when a number has been assigned to the bill. Various ideas for how to help (world citizens included) are listed at

Meanwhile, if you get a chance please

(1) thank Ms. Norton for introducing the legislation (1415 Longworth House Office Building, Washington D.C. 20015 - phone 202-225-8050 - fax 225-3002);

(2) contact other U.S. Representatives asking that they co-sponsor, and

(3) contact U.S. Senators asking that they introduce companion legislation in the Senate.

Past co-sponsors have been U.S. Representatives Lynn Woolsey and Fortney Pete Stark (California),  John Lewis and Cynthia McKinney (Georgia), David Minge and James Oberstar (Minnesota), Charles Rangel (New York), Al Wynn (Maryland), and Earl Hilliard (Alabama).

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