Miracle: Cesium Melts, No Exposures (NRC, 16 luglio)

PNO-II-01-021 - Melted Cesium Source
July 16, 2001


This preliminary notification constitutes EARLY notice of events of possible safety or public interest significance. The information is as initially received without verification or evaluation, and is basically all that is known by Region II staff (Atlanta, Georgia) on this date.

Licensee Emergency Classification Ameristeel, Inc.

Notification of Unusual Event
Alert Baldwin, FL

Site Area Emergency Non-licensee
General Emergency
X Not Applicable



The Florida Bureau of Radiation Control (the Bureau) notified the NRC Operations Center on Friday, July 13, 2001 that a radioactive source had been melted at the Ameristeel facility. The Bureau responded to the incident with their mobile laboratory and survey team. The team determined that the radioactivity was from a small cesium-137 source that had been in the scrap metal. The contamination was confined in two bag houses that collect dust from the furnace, and the ductwork going from the furnace to the bag houses. There was no release of radioactive material outside of the facility and the steel product was not contaminated. The slag materials were surveyed and no cesium-137 was detected. Twenty individuals were working in the area at the time of the event and initial surveys indicated that nobody received any external exposure or contamination. These individuals are being sent today for whole body surveys for contamination as a precautionary measure. The facility has been shut down and a licensed contractor is on site to clean up the contaminated areas.

Region II received initial notification of this occurrence from the NRC Duty Officer on Friday night, July 13, 2001. This information presented herein has been discussed with the State and the EPA and is current as of 11:00 a.m., Monday, July 16, 2001.

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