Mattioli denuncia la longa manus dell'UCSI/UAR (27 ottobre)

Valerio Mattioli
Casella Postale 9
52021 Bùcine AR

The massacre of the civilian population in Kosovo, committed by the Serbs, has become a reality thanks to the activity of the local Police force which have been collecting for years all sorts of personal data concerning opinions, habits and relations.

In Italy, in violation to national and international legislation, there is a military structure which, relying on a capillary presence on the territory thanks to its over 5.000 stations, is capable to acquire and collect the above mentioned data concerning more than 70 million honest people - deceased and foreign nationals included - in personal dossiers. The particular characteristic of such data is that they can perform a "silent" role, lasting for a period of time which can be longer than the life time of the unaware subject concerned, and can also be utilised for the purpose of outlining opinions, habits and relations of people who are not known and who are in touch with an Italian national. Should a civil war occur - which is most unlikely in Italy as should also have been in the centre of Europe - such data would constitue a tool useful for a domestic repression incompatible with international legislation.

Un cordiale saluto,

Valerio Mattioli