Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:28:07 +0200
[du-list] DU was not in crashed planes

Dear all,

Seen all the questions circulating on the possibility of DU in the crashed
NY/DC planes.

In the past we have received letters from Boeing in which they clearly state
that DU has not been used in the counterweights of other than the 747

Only certain types of the 747 and only the first 551 machines were equiped
with DU counterweights.

Ronald J. Hinderberger, director of Air Safety Investigation, wrote on 17
March 1999 to Laka Foundation: "the only applications for DU in Boeing
commercial airplanes is for balance weights on some 747 and DC-10
airplanes. DU is not used on any other Boeing commercial jet airplanes."

Today I called the Boeing Air Safety Investigation and Mr. Dennis Rodriguez
again confirmed that DU had only been used for the 747's. He said it was
not possible to use 747 weights in other airplane types. Every
counterweight is constructed for a certain plane type and not
interchangeable with other types.


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