Letter to the Editor----Please print---How the world got CFS and AIDS

 Subj:  Letter to the Editor----Please print
 Date:  7/2/01 3:34:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From:  Jim Phelps
 To:    dmcconn@oakridger.com

Dear ORer Editor,

     It is well known that the "K-25" plant code is linked to the gas diffusion process that was developed by the Kellogg Co. and the plants designed used 25% of the Manhattan Project's funding to make "product 25," or HEU.  The plants designators did not come from grid maps, but from issues linked to the plants.  The projects designers spent 25% of the funds trying to keep the fluorides toxic effects contained, but failed to do this in the long run.

     It is suggested that the three plants code name designators link to religion as the X in X-10 designation is linked to God and the ten commandments and the Y in Y-12 to Yahweh and the twelve disciples.  Truman linked nuclear to Noah and the Ark in his July 25, 45 diary entry.  The K-25 designator has religious significance as well because this plant is highly related to fluorides toxic health effects and these highly linked to old world volcanic toxic effect problems.  Events in the old world from Noah landing on the largest land mass volcano in the world, Ararat, to the disappearance of Sodom and Gomorra from volcanic linked subsidence from the East African Rift Valley are fluorides related.  The K-25 designator is linked to some of the most veiled religion issues.

   Today, the extremely high fluoride emissions from the K-25 chemical processing plant are becoming known to the public and the associated health and environmental effects becoming highly suspect as the dominate cause of worker and community illnesses.  K-25 emitting hundreds of tons of fluorides and millions of pounds of freon into the atmosphere each year of its operation.  Fluorides toxic effects are linked to the earliest of industrial emissions affecting health and agriculture.

    Few persons recognize it, but the closing of the K-25 plant in the 1980s was highly determined by these toxic releases and the illness they caused.  One can read a technical article review report similar to one I did in the 1980s that prompted the closing of K-25 at URL: http://members.aol.com/magnu96196/cfs.html

This report's message became the standard for toxic disease cause and effect in the 1980s in Oak Ridge that related directly to their extreme liabilities.

Jim Phelps