Ringing a Bell on JFK assassination (20 luglio)

Fri, 20 Jul 2001 16:35:33 -0400
From: "Bill Smirnow" <smirnowb@ix.netcom.com>

Nazi General Walter Dohrnberger in the post-war period, though he came to the United States and played a major role in the conception of space rockets and militarization. He had been the mentor to van Braun and the others, and had gotten them their supplies and labor, even when Hitler was not enthused. Their war crimes extend to the civilian deaths in Europe from the use of their V-rockets as well. von Braun would not cooperate with US authorities, in fact, unless Dohrnberger was spared from any charges and brought to the US as well. Nearing the end of the war, Dohrnberger had been working on a rocket that would enter outer space with a payload and come down from orbit to avoid radar tracking, with plans to aim at New York City. This idea was the inception of the shuttle. In 1960, Time magazine mentioned Dohrnberger in their "Where are they now?" column, saying he was living in Buffalo, NY and had been working to design a system of nuclear armed sattelites that would circle the earth and  deter other nations. This is Star Wars, 1960! He is the author of the militarization of space, and his NASA cronies continue their work to this day. I just recently heard one of the Space Command officials say that no civilians can be allowed into outer space. It is all classified territory now, including the Moon and other planets, which they hope to colonize and exploit as well. Walter Dohrnberger went on to head up Bell Helicopter Division in Dallas/Ft. Worth, where he continued his ties to the Solidarist communities of Nazis and White Russian revanchists, and the military industrial complex. John F. Kennedy planned a full withdrawal of U.S. military troops from Vietnam by the end of 1964, and ordered the Pentagon to begin in just before his assassination. Those orders were reversed into plans for a 10 year war, costing 57,000 American lives (yes, this was part of the projections), on Monday, November 25, 1963, following a cabinet meeting deciding the matter in Honolulu on the day following his death. Bell Helicopter systems made millions of dollars in war profits from the Vietnam conflict. Walter Dohrnberger's right hand at Bell Helicopter was Navy intelligence veteran Michael Paine. Paine and his wife Ruth housed Marina Oswald in Irving, Texas and helped get Oswald the job at the Texas Book Depository. Oswald did not shoot President Kennedy, but he was positioned to take the blame. Dohrnberger went on to train  proto-fascist forces abroad, including the SAVAK units of the Shah of Iran, among others. He never paid for any of his many crimes against humanity. And  be sure to visit the vonBraun civic center in Huntsville when you meet down there, and give your regards in print to these founders of military control of space.

John Judge [Of COPA-Committee On Political Assassinations]