ContentsDirect - Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 02034, Vol 57 Iss 1

Journal: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
ISSN   : 0265-931X
Volume : 57
Issue  : 1
Date   : Jun-2001

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pp 1-5
Environmental radioactivity research - expectations in the new millennium
U.C. Mishra

pp 7-19
Relationships between sea-bed radionuclide activities and some sedimentological variables
R.A. Ligero, I. Ramos-Lerate, M. Barrera, M. Casas-Ruiz

pp 21-33
Distribution of U-Th nuclides in the riverine and coastal environments of the tropical southwest coast of India
K. Balakrishna, R. Shankar, M.M. Sarin, B.R. Manjunatha

pp 35-55
Comparison of laboratory uranium sorption data with 'in situ distribution coefficients' at the Koongarra uranium deposit, Northern Australia
T.E. Payne, R. Edis, B.R. Fenton, T.D. Waite

pp 57-66
Measurements of summer radon and its progeny concentrations along with environmental gamma dose rates in Taiwan
T. Iimoto, T. Kosako, N. Sugiura

pp 67-74
Assessment of the global fallout of plutonium isotopes and americium-241 in the soil of the central region of Saudi Arabia
E.I. Shabana^1, H.L. Al-Shammari

pp 75-80

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