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Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
ISSN : 0969-8043
Volume : 55
Issue : 4
Date : Oct-2001

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pp 427-431
Effect of pH and temperature on the sorption of Np and Pa to mixed anaerobic bacteria
T. Sasaki, T. Kauri, A. Kudo

pp 433-439
A 212Pb generator based on a 228Th source
S. Hassfjell

pp 441-445
Cyclotron production of no-carrier-added palladium-103 by bombardment of rhodium-103 target
Z. Chunfu, W. yongxian, Z. Yongping, Z. Xiuli

pp 447-451
Monte Carlo calculation of epithermal neutron resonance self-shielding factors in wires of different materials
I.F. Goncalves, E. Martinho, J. Salgado

pp 453-456
Preparation of 99mTcN(CBDTC)"2 and its biodistribution in mice
J. Zhang, X. Wang

pp 457-461
A proof of principle for targetry to produce ultra high quantities of 18F-fluoride
T.J. Ruth, K.R. Buckley, K.S. Chun, E.T. Hurtado, S. Jivan, S. Zeisler

pp 463-470
Rapid preparation of short-lived alpha particle emitting radioimmunopharmaceuticals
D. Ma^1, M.R. McDevitt, R.D. Finn, D.A. Scheinberg^2

pp 471-475
Preparation and studies with 90Y-labelled particles for use in radiation synovectomy
U. Pandey, A. Mukherjee, P.R. Chaudhary, M.R.A. Pillai, M. Venkatesh

pp 477-483
Energy levels in 139La from the decay of 139Ba
C.B. Zamboni, J.A.G. Medeiros, A.L. Lapolli, F.A. Genezini, S.P. Camargo, M.T.F. da Cruz, J.Y. Zevallos-Chavez

pp 485-491
A low energy threshold scintillation detector for X and low energy gamma rays at the Frejus underground laboratory
L. Miramonti

pp 493-503
Intercomparison of efficiency transfer software for gamma-ray spectrometry
M.C. Lepy, T. Altzitzoglou, D. Arnold, F. Bronson, R.C. Noy, M. Decombaz, F. De Corte, R. Edelmaier, E.H. Peraza, S. Klemola, M. Korun, M. Kralik, H. Neder, J. Plagnard, S. Pomme, J. de Sanoit, O. Sima, F. Ugletveit, L. Van Velzen, T. Vidmar

pp 505-511
Measurement of the mass attenuation coefficient for elemental materials in the range 6=<Z=<82 using X-rays from 13 up to 50kev
M. Angelone, T. Bubba, A. Esposito

pp 513-516
Feasibility of in vivo thyroid 131I monitoring with an imaging plate
M. Hirota, T. Saze, Y. Ogata, K. Nishizawa

pp 517-520
Foggy scintillation counting technique
H. Fujii, M. Takiue

pp 521-525
90Sr content of soils from Biscay (Spain)
M. Herranz, C. Elejalde, F. Legarda, F. Romero

pp 527-532
Calibration and characterization of a digital X-ray fluorescence bone lead system
D.E.B. Fleming, T.A. Forbes

pp 533-542
Thermoluminescent (TL) properties of the perovskite KMgF"3" activated by Ce and Er impurities
C. Furetta, F. Santopietro, C. Sanipoli, G. Kitis

pp 543-547
About the effectiveness of spectrometry in alpha-activity monitoring of industrial air-borne particles
V.N. Domnikov, L.S. Saltykov, L.I. Slusarenko, S.V. Shevchenko

pp 549-556
Measurement of high dose rates by photon activation of indium foils
J.-H. Chao, P.-C. Hsu, H.-M. Liu

pp 557-560
Calculation of radiation dose to the lens of the eye using Monte Carlo simulation
N. Meric

pp 561-567
Post-elution concentration of 99mTcO"4^- by a single anion exchanger column - I: Feasibility of extending the useful life of column chromatographic 99mTc generator
S.K. Sarkar, G. Arjun, P. Saraswathy, N. Ramamoorthy

pp 569-573
Heavy metals and rare earth elements in phosphate fertilizer components using instrumental neutron activation analysis
A.S. Abdel-Haleem, A. Sroor, S.M. El-Bahi, E. Zohny

pp 575-580
Elemental investigation of some Egyptian vehicle motor alloys using neutron activation analysis
A. Nada, S.M. El-Bahi, H.A. Abdel-Ghany, A.M. Hassan

pp 581-588
Accumulation rates and sediment deposition in the Gokova Bay in Aegean Sea Turkish Coast
A. Ugur (Tanbay), G. Yener

pp 589-594
Plutonium oxidation states in seawater
G.L. Silver

pp 595-602
Use of gold as monostandard for the determination of elemental concentrations in environmental SRMs and Ganga river sediments by the k"0 method
V.V.S. Ramakrishna, R.N. Acharya, A.V.R. Reddy, A.N. Garg

pp 603