Iraq denounces delay of Gulf War health study.
Baghdad, Reuters, 16th July

Iraq denounced yesterday the delay of a World Health Organisation visit to investigate the health effects of depleted uranium used during the 1991 GulfWar, the official Iraqi news agency INA said. INA quoted Health Minister Umeed Madhat Mubarak as saying postponement of the WHO team "reflects the United States' hegemony over the international body...and a continuation of its hostile policy against Iraq". "This strange stand comes after the failure of the United States and Britain to pass their wicked plan to impose stupid sanctions (on Iraq)," Mubarak said.[.....] Mubarak blamed a rise in cancers and cases of mental disturbances, miscarriages and congenital defects in Iraq to the use of depleted uranium munitions by the United States and Britain in the 1991 Gulf War over Kuwait.