People's Daily [China]
July 16, 2001
Iraq Accuses UN of Procrastination in DU Tests

Iraq Sunday accused the United Nations of hindering the study of the the World Health Organization (WHO) on the sanitary impacts of Depleted Uranium (DU) on the Iraqi public health.

During its meeting in Geneva last March, the WHO accepted Iraq's request for the study and decided to set up joint committees to investigate the impacts on Iraq of the DU used in the 1991 Gulf War, Health Minister Umid Medhat Mubarak was quoted as saying by the official Iraqi News Agency.

The decision of the United Nations Secretariat to delay the visit by a WHO mission to Iraq to study the impacts of the DU in Iraq under the pretext of "security reasons" reflects clearly "the U.S. hegemony over the U.N., so as to promote the U.S. hostile policy against Iraq," he said.

The WHO decided in late June to send a delegation to Iraq to join Iraqi experts in determining the destructive impacts of the DU on human health and environment in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Iraq is carrying out a national campaign to detect any cases of early breast cancer, which is spreading quickly among Iraqi women, as well as other kinds of cancer, nerve and muscle diseases, justifiable abortion, and embryo deformities.

The Iraqi minister criticized the international organization for its position adopted after the United States and Britain failed to pass a U.N. Security Council's draft resolution on "smart sanctions" on Iraq.

He urged friendly nations to face up to such a hostile trend toward Iraq.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001, updated at 08:19(GMT+8)
China to Cooperate With Iraq on "Oil-for-food" Program

China will continue to cooperate with Iraq within the framework of the United Nations' "oil-for- food" program, Chinese trade minister Shi Guangsheng said Tuesday.

On the basis of observing relevant U.N. resolutions, China is encouraging its companies to carry out cooperation with Iraq under the "oil-for -food" program, Shi told visiting Iraqi oil minister Amir Muhammad Rashid.

Shi and Rashid co-chaired the 11th session of the China-Iraq Trade and Economic Mixed Committee.

Chinese companies will ensure the quality of the work in accordance with the signed contracts, the trade minister said.

China is satisfied with its cooperation with Iraq and is grateful to the Iraqi government for its support given to the Chinese companies in the project bidding, Shi said.

Shi added that China and Iraq are complementary in trade and economic cooperation, and the two nations boast bright prospects for cooperation in oil, electricity, communications and other industrial sectors.

The Iraqi oil minister hoped for more progress in bilateral cooperation despite great achievements already made. He promised to continue to support Chinese companies to implement their contracts in Iraq.