Intelligence, N. 378, 22 January 2001, p. 28

BALKANS - Poor Depleted Uranium "Takes the Rap".

It looks like Kosovar leader, Ibrahim Rugova, may have the clearest explanation for the crisis provoked in the Balkans by the use of depeleted uranium during the war. According to him, it's all "propaganda" to get Western troops out of the region. The Russian armed forces chief of staff had another original explanation: the US wanted to "get rid of the stuff" so they used it to shoot at Serbs. Western intelligence had an equally original response: they're investigating to see if the "Balkan Syndrome" is not caused by secret weapons used by Milosevic's forces in Kosovo. Nonetheless, it is true the inhaling depleted uranium -- and the accompanying plutonium -- is very bad for your health, but then, so is war.