Secondo il gladiatore, la colpa è di Gheddafi (24 dicembre)

Dice G71:

A proposito di internet e di informazioni leggi un pò sulle stragi del 1980 cosa è venuto fuori al nome Zamberletti. La sigla TNT T4 è quella del semtex, prodotto in Cecoslovacchia e distribuito da Gheddafi a quei tempi. Hai sentito che i Francesi lo hanno rinviato a giudizio per la strage del DC10 Francese? - In Italia invece Priore ed i magistrati Italiani processano i generali Italiani !?! - Ma tu cosa ti aspetti da questo magistrato Romano? non è lo stesso che ha insabbiato l'inchiesta delle torture in somalia o mi sbaglio?


caro Nino, Gheddafi è spesso l'ultima spiaggia quando non si sa cosa dire, tanto non ha spazio per replicare sui media. Sarebbe interessante sapere se, all'epoca di Ustica, erano già pronte e funzionanti le copie dei Mirage a Tel Aviv...

"Israel was greatly helped by a Swiss aircraft engineer named Alfred Frauenknecht. He worked for the Swiss aircraft company, Sulzer Brothers, which manufactured the French Mirage III under license for the Swiss Air Force. In return for about $200,000 Frauenknecht stole two tons of Mirage blueprints from Sulzer during 1968 and passed them on to a Mossad agent. Frauenknecht was eventually caught and jailed for four and a half years."

The Plumbat Affair, p.23

23 April 1971, Switzerland: Alfred Frauenknecht sentenced to four and a half yrs. for selling specifications of the French Mirage fighter plane to Israel.


Very early Israel became interested in the Mirage III C and ordered 72 that were operated between 1962 and 1982. Their combat performances were very good publicity for the manufacturer and certainly helped kick off the export sales.
In 1966, at the request of Israel, Dassault designed a simplified version of the III E optimised for ground attack in clear weather. Most of the electronic equipment located behind the cockpit, is replaced by an extra fuel tank and additional store stations are installed under the rear fuselage. The Mirage 5 prototype flew on May 19 1967, but the 50 series aircraft were embargoed and finally went to the French air force in 1972.
After the embargo of its Mirage 5, Israel managed to develop a clone christened Nesher, which flew in 1971. 51 single seaters and 10 trainers were built. To increase the power of these aircraft, Israel installed the American General Electric J 79, the engine of the F 4 Phantom. The resulting "Kfir" flew on June 4 1973 and is identified by a scoop installed in front of the fin, to cool the engine compartment. A new version of the Kfir with canards on the intakes flew in 1976 and production lasted until 1986 with about 200 produced. Some were exported to South America. Today, a total of about 600 Mirage III, 5, 50 and Nesher/Kfir are still flying in about 15 countries.

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