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GCi June 2001
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With the recent elections in the US and the UK great concerns have been raised not only by the people of these two countries but by people of the world.

The national populations have raised credible concerns and fears about democracy. The elections have exposed weaknesses in party politics and resulted in government dictatorships in the guise of democracy.

In each case, a party has come to power with a majority of people voting against that party. Even the most cursory glance at the statistics reveal this to be a sham democracy if parties with small percentage of support actually come to power to rule the whole of society. We shall be looking at this in further detail on articles on our website.

Concerns by people around the world include the reckless policies of these two states now exposed as modern dictatorships. These policies terrorise millions of people. This is in effect state terrorism and there have been calls for putting the US and UK at the head of a list of rogue states. Irresponsible behaviour around the world, contempt for law and agreements, double standards and anti-democratic use of the United Nations Security Council have increasingly focused people on the Anglo-American problem. Foreign policy does not feature in the flawed democratic processes of these two states. This is a most serious issue.

On the one hand we have the people: good honest hard-working people in Britain and the United States, and on the other we have their governments, dictatorships disguised as democracy. More and more of the citizens of the US and subjects of the UK are questioning their status. Should British not be citizens and not subjects of a monarchy? Should modern societies not move beyond representative democracy to participatory democracy? Do we really need politicians?

The UK and US are by no means the only undemocratic societies. Indeed almost all societies have their short comings. What differentiates the aforementioned is the hypocricy inherent in claiming to be champions of democracy when they should be re-evaluated. There are also other relatively unknown societies such as Libya in north Africa which might be equally investigated,  as well as those societies which constantly badger us with cries of their "free market system" and "democratic values".

Therefore GCinternational has decided to focus on Article 1 of the International Green Charter - the Right to Democracy. We are seeking alliances with other organisations and movements who are concerned about the new dictatorships emerging in the guise of legitimacy. We are looking at ways to encourage people to exercise this human right and to organise themselves into people's congresses and so bring nearer the day of true democracy around the world.


Article 2 of the International Green Charter lays down the rights of prisoners as defined by civil society which freely drafted the articles of the charter by means of peoples congresses.

Prisoners rights is an issue of major concern to GCInternational and we shall be focusing on this issue also as a priority. Funds permitting, visits will be made to detention facilities in various countries on condition such visits are unannounced, in order to ascertain the real living conditions of prisoners.

We seek supporters and members who are willing to correspond with prisoners to prepare them for purposeful life after punishment, as well as with those who are wrongfully imprisoned by dictatorial regimes.


GCInternational adhering to Article 8 of the International Green Charter sees the abolition of capital punishment as the goal of civil society. However, there are circumstances where capital punishment has been deemed necessary by civil society under strict conditions. This is the wishes of the masses freely gathered in popular conferences when the issue of capital punishment was discussed, resulting in Article 8 of the Charter.

GCInternational proscribes and condemns capital punishment in its current form in the United States, China, Sudan and most other states implementing it on the basis that the justice system is flawed and has resulted in its abuse on numerous occasions. Only when the advanced human rights of civil society are guaranteed, can capital punishment have its limited place.


War and the arms trade are of massive financial benefit to a small minority, which in some regimes are at the heart of government, or major financial sponsors thereof. This is a most serious violation of human rights according to articles 23 and 24 of the International Green Charter and is also an area GCInternational plans to prioritise.

GCInternational believes that there is a need to expose the economic beneficiaries of wars such as that in Sudan (the longest war in Africa) and that targetting these beneficiaries and sponsors as war criminals is an effective policy for peace.

Where conflict is not only driven by economics but by social injustices, human rights violations or sectarian policies, we feel GCInternational can play a helpful role in seeking solutions to the benefit of all civil society in conflict ridden communities.
We will therefore be seeking volunteer peace ambassadors who will seek to assist in the solution of conflicts either after they have broken out, and where possible to prevent their breaking out when warning signs are apparent..


Disarmament by virtue of its importance to the very future existence of humanity is another priority of GCInternational. We believe there are already many pro-active movements for disarmament engaged in these issues which merit our support. It is clear that WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) must be addressed as a priority and that leading terrorist states such as the UK and US must take a lead, or be made to take a lead by disarming before expecting smaller states under threat to disarm or abandon nuclear programs.

The US attacked Japan by nuclear weapons in order to achieve immediate Japaneses surrender. This same policy is advocated by individual terrorists as a reason for planting suitcase nuclear bombs in London or other targets. An additional argument is that the nuclear terrorist states achieve much of their ability to carry out unpopular and misguided policy by means of membership in the Security Council, something hitherto reserved to nuclear weapon states.

It is also observed that China as a yellow nation gains almost all its respect from the racist nuclear governments of UK and US simply by virtue of its nuclear weapons capability. Otherwise China as a proudly independent nation would face the same fate as the Arab nation. Moreover Chinese are respected worldwide, whereas only 50 years ago they suffered gross indignity and human rights violations similar to the Africans of today.

This provides a clear example to Africans that possession of nuclear weapons in a United Africa would achieve respect for Africans in the diaspora and command respect from the racist regimes of the US and UK in particular. GCInternational therefore intends to address this issue in particular to contribute hopefully to a successful outcome which is worldwide WMD disarmament..


Violation of the Articles 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 of the International Green Charter of human rights and freedoms lie at the root of much of the crime and suffering in society. It is therefore a clear priority for these issues to be addressed in order to achieve a civil society where happiness prevails.

It is also clear to us that achievement of this civil society will necessitate major restructuring of economic relations in parallel with democracy in most states of the world. Without such restructuring, there is no way to eliminate exploitation, poverty, crime and other social ills, unless a new humanoid is created which submits willingly to injustice and happiness is induced by way of drugs.
GCInternational will therefore work with educators and educational institutions to further alternative models for civil society based on natural and just relationships in decision making (democratic policy), social justice (economic solutions) and social harmony (family, nation, woman, man, minorities) etc.


Articles 16, 17, 18 of the International Green Charter are a unique development in human rights interpretation and an acknowledgment of these rights which have hitherto been denied. In the absence of human rights and freedoms all people have the right to struggle collectively for their attainment.

Join us in this discussion via our website, and if you would like to become involved in this new global movement for positive change, join as a member of the International Green Charter Movement. We welcome all who believe in the broad human rights principles of the International Green Charter, irrespective of political philosophy.

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