‘Plague, Pestilence and the Pursuit of Power’

“The nature of what is uncovered here makes this book a must read for every single free thinking, freedom loving person on the planet.”


A Kent-based research organisation is calling for an independent citizens’ enquiry into the government’s handling of the foot and mouth crisis. Credence Publications has released its interim report into foot and mouth disease this week, entitled Plague Pestilence and the Pursuit of Power. Researcher Steven Ransom, whose staff contacted key personnel and organisations involved in the handling of the crisis, explains the difficulties many people have with both the government’s interpretation and the handling of the disease:

“The science behind FMD is shoddy, incompetent, inaccurate and bears not one shred of credibility. For instance, the ELISA foot and mouth test, the only blood test being used by the authorities at present, can react positively to common endemic ailments unrelated to foot and mouth. False diagnoses are inevitable. Moreover, it has long been known that in most cases, FMD is no worse than a bad cold for an animal, which also sees the animal fully recover, if tended to with appropriate animal husbandry and proper nutrition.  Slaughtering these animals is as absurd as murdering our seven-year-olds for having a runny nose, because we have decided we’re not going to live with the common cold. Fully aware of its errant position in these matters, the British government has nevertheless continued with what can only be described as a program of coercion and terrorism against the British farming industry.”

Ransom’s co-director Phillip Day argues against the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries’ (MAFF) ‘virus-on-the-wind’ hypothesis - the virus that sensible science has yet to isolate:

“The notion that ‘viral’ FMD can perform these kinds of Olympian gymnastics and feats of teleportation across miles of open countryside is frankly insulting to the rational, enquiring mind, given the small number of animals which are actually suffering from the condition. And the authorities don’t believe in the virus hypothesis either. To demonstrate this fact, they confine our farmers to their premises for weeks at a time, whilst allowing MAFF, police, army and government officials, along with an assortment of untrained, outside contractors to roam freely across the countryside.”

Whilst intentional entrenched error and scientific bungling are themselves a serious matter, Ransom’s team believes these factors are overshadowed by evidence of a far more serious nature – the existence of a covert and dangerously harmful European federalist agenda:

“Our farming heritage is seen as a threat to those wishing to dismantle British national sovereignty in favour of interdependent European union. Our evidence suggests that behind closed doors, decisions have been made to rid an independent Britain and other independent nations of their livestock industry.... by all means necessary. Swine fever, BSE, more BSE and now foot and mouth? This book reveals how we are being intentionally deceived into believing we are being over-run by epidemics. Just as with human epidemics, where we are being coerced into unnecessary vaccination programmes, the governments of our countries, in collusion with various media outlets are manufacturing agricultural ‘outbreaks’  - these diseases having been greatly magnified, then provide the perfect reason to slaughter thousands upon thousands of completely healthy cattle, sheep and pigs. This is what has really been happening  over these last few years. And it appears the goal to break the back of UK farming is being achieved. The facts in our report reveal the British and other governments are colluding in the most abhorrent actions. Most definitely, there are issues of criminality and treason to answer in the light of the crippling damage that has been wilfully inflicted upon the British people and their nation’s economic infrastructure.”

Plague, Pestilence and the Pursuit of Power is available in bookshops and from the Credence site at http://www.credence.org

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