June 18th anti-DU action

 Dear anti-nuke networks.

 Theres a large action planned for june 18th (same day as the Globalise resistance action in Gothenburg)in Bristol Uk. To make this hit home, then (1) we could do with as many folk in the UK getting along to this, and passing it out on the networks.

 (2) ALso some solidarity actions in other countries
 would be grand.  cheers davey

 Please support a 'CREATIVE ACTION' at the M.O.D. Procurement Centre, Filton, Bristol on MONDAY, 18TH JUNE. It is a non-violent protest against the procurement and use of weapons causing sickness,death and genetic damage to civilian populations and military personnel and long-term contamination of the environment.

 It is being called by Direct Action Against Militarism and Depleted Uraium (DAAMDU) which is a grassroots campaign against low intensity nuclear warfare and the militarism of the New World Order..... however, you are very free to bring your own agendas, be it Trident warheads, clusterbombs, airfuel bombs or any other grouch you have against the MOD i.e.the constant bombing of Iraq!The emphasis of the action is to raise public awareness through  non-violence and creativity so bring plenty of banners, flyers, posters,ribbons,  music and whatever else.

 The action will start with picketing of MOD workers between 7-9am and end with a picnic at noon. There will be intervening actions. Free accomodation is offered in Bristol for the previous night and there will be a non-violent direct action and legal briefing at 7.30pm on Sunday 17th for those interested. A planning meeting will take place on 26th May in Bristol at the Resistance conference (www.resistanceconference.org.uk) Hundreds of civil servants at the M.O.D. sit is environmentally friendlyoffices, procuring weapons which will have a devastating impact on the environment for countless generations. Lets expose the appalling reality! Flyers for the action are available. For these and any further information.Phone 0117 954 0564 or e-mail daamdu@c...

 Please let us know in advance if you need accomodation for the 17th.

 Please forward this e-mail to as many interested people as possible. Thanks!