Message: 10
   Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 14:39:33 -0700
   From: "Russell D. Hoffman"
Subject: Nuclear Power is doomed.  The people will win.  We will not be stopped.

To: Editor, The Orange County Register
From: Russell Hoffman, concerned citizen
Re: Nuclear Power is doomed.  The people will win.
Date July 25th, 2001

To The Editor:

The Nuclear Mafia will continue to spread the Demon Hot Atom around the planet, until every one of us is dying of cancer and leukemia, and having severely deformed babies who suffer greatly, only to die in infancy.  Until our food, air and water is so radioactive we cannot eat, breath or drink from the bounty our planet once provided.

They will do this until the people stop them.

Nuclear power plants.  Nuclear weapons labs.  Nuclear waste management facilities.  Nuclear Superfund sites.  Each of them continues spreading death around the planet.  But we will stop them.  I don't know what it will take to beat them, but, as the article shown below describes, political change does not come easily, and "words alone are not enough".   As the author puts it, "confrontation is an essential prerequisite for change".

Confrontation on nuclear issues is getting stronger every day.  The so-called "anti-nuclear" movement is organizing.  It is angry, and it is expanding rapidly to include more and more Senators and Congressmen, and people of all races, creeds and colors, all religions, no religion, scientists and astrologers, lawyers and doctors.  Lay persons and nuclear physicists.  It is becoming unstoppable.

I feel certain that if the "anti-nuclear" movement fails, humanity will suffer and die the most painful death imaginable -- Wormwood.  As bad as any Biblical prophesy.  The worst of all Biblical prophesies.  A radioactive particle inside human flesh is a fire within.  It's that simple.  Humanity is doomed if we do not win this battle against the forces of evil.  That is how I feel.

The force of that conviction is rampant among us.  We will not be stopped.

So I do not regret hammering at Gary Robbins, your "science" writer at the Orange County Register.

After two months he is still in denial.  His handshake clearly meant nothing.  He might as well have been shaking the hand of a child he had accidentally bumped into, and then gone on to knock into the next and the next "child".  I am just a citizen.  I did not deserve his slander.  His feigned interest only slowed the battle for two months.  My battle to get the truth published in the Orange County Register.  His invitation was only meant to disarm me and put me off my guard while he continued to censor all debate, as his position allows him to do at your paper.  But when they break through the top of the old "reactor building" they are decommissioning at San Onofre, he'll be there to cheer them on, pretending that shoveling the radioactive waste from the closed Unit 1 to wherever they are putting it is somehow showing successful clean-up of radioactive waste.  It does nothing of the sort.

A lot of that waste is undoubtedly being dumped into our ocean after being diluted to "below regulatory concern", a concern which never applies to total Curie releases, but only to the amount of radioactive waste which is contained in a given volume of filler.  If you add enough filler, any amount of radioactive waste can be released to the environment because the percentage is "below regulatory concern".

And second of all, there are no long-term operational permanent low-level radioactive waste dumps to send the waste to.  So where are they sending it?

And third of all, the main worry from San Onofre Unit 1 is the High Level Radioactive Waste, mainly the spent fuel, which is right now sitting in the spent fuel pools (there are three of them) at San Onofre.  That spent fuel -- and the fuel in the two operational reactors (Units II and III) is susceptible to earthquakes, tsunamis, airplanes crashing into it, terrorist attacks, and meteors from the heavens.  Nuclear power plants are legitimate targets of war because the nuclear "waste" they produce can be used to make nuclear weapons and their electricity powers our factories (and they are juicy targets in any case).

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has had numerous safety problems in the last six months, and throughout its history.  But all Gary Robbins will be diligently reporting on, is that they've poked a hole in the Unit 1 reactor building.

He's revolting in his way, we shall be in ours.  We will stop this madness somehow.  The people, with or without the Orange County Register's help, will figure out the truth and stop this deadly game.  Or the deadly game will kill us all.

No Nukes!

Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA