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Sent: Friday, June 22, 2001 2:34 PM
Subject: SOS from Belarus

Dear Colleagues,

Here are some very bad news. Please, help if you can.

1. On Wednesday, June 20, Dr. Alexander Nicolaievich Devoino, substitute of Professor V.B. Nesterenko at the Institute Belrad, has been the victim of an attempt of assassination.

He has been found unconscious before the door of his home, bathing in his blood, with a tension of 5/7 (very low), having lost much blood. He had been attacked from behind with "American fists" (iron fists) according to the hospital. It was a very "professionnal" work. His days are fortunately no more in danger. His hand is broken and he has severe head injuries.

Professor Nesterenko takes this as a very severe warning.

With mobile radiameters in cars, the Institute Belrad has performed 300,000 direct measures of the Cs137 content of foodstuff and measured 120,000 children. The data found by his measures are 8 - 10 times higher then than the calculations performed by the Ministry of Health on the basis of individual samples collected in individual settlements.

2. Prosecutor Bozhelko, who in 2000 was in charge of Bandazhevsky's case and told a press conference on February 17, 2000, that the Bandazhevsky case was empty has disappeared; His whereabouts are still unknown. It is not known if he is still alive.

In February 2001, Bozhelko was dispossessed of Bandazhevsky's case, which was transferred to the Supreme Court, who transferred it to the Military Court in Gomel (the reason given being that one of the Co-defendants, Ravkov having previously been in the army). Was Bozhelko knowing something which may be "politically incorrect" on Bandazhevsky ?

Commento: tra le vittime di Cernobil ci sono anche quanti cercano di scoprire la verità sulle conseguenze dell'incidente...