CALL TO ACTION: Virtual Sit-In for Vieques, Wed. June 13th!

On Wednesday, June 13th, 2001, beginning at 9am EST and continuing for 24 hours, join the Virtual Sit-In for Vieques at

Why a Virtual Sit-In?

To support the demand that the US Navy cease their wargames and leave Vieques in peace. To add our virtual bodies to the presence of the physical bodies of Puertorican activists who will occupy the bombing ranges of la Isla Nena. To attract media attention by engaging in a new form of protest action. To send a message to the United States government that we will not be silenced until the people of Vieques can live without the sound of jets screaming overhead, without the destruction of their beaches and coral reefs, without the high cancer rates caused by depleted uranium found in bullets and shell casings, without the 'accidental' deaths of civilians. To add our voices to the cry 'Not one more bomb! Leave Vieques in Peace!'


*For more information on the struggle for Vieques, and on other ways you can help, please visit For more information on this electronic action contact