Action at Forces Recruiting Office, Manchester
Friday, 29th June 2001
Anti-DU Action took place on Friday, 29th June, and was organised my members of campaign Against Depleted Uranium.
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Following taken from Press Release:

This action has been called to draw attention to the fact that anyone who is recruited to the Armed Forces could be exposed to "Depleted' Uranium poisoning and would receive no assistance from the Ministry of Defence. Veterans and personnel in the medical corps who fought in the Gulf War 1991or who acted as peace-keepers in Bosnia are suffering debilitating illnesses and dying. The M.o.D. continues to deny that there is any link to the use of "Depleted "Uranium weapons despite growing scientific and medical evidence to the contrary. US army training manuals produced in 1990 pointed to the dangers of exposure to battlefield DU and recommended the wearing of protective clothing. Yet our soldiers were given no advice on the wearing of protective clothing. The M.o.D has yet to test any veterans for DU poisoning. This is an appalling dereliction of duty to those who served their country and whonever imagined that they would be abandoned when they fell ill.


In 1999, Desert Concerns produced a film entitled "From Radioactive Mines to Radioactive Weapons" which traces the uranium cycle from mining to depleted uranium weapons. This film chronicles how three large communities of people have been effected by uranium's cycle of destruction: 1) the Navajo uranium miners of the American Southwest-they mined for uranium which led to a cancer epidemic which also affected the communities. 2) the Persian Gulf War Veterans affected by uranium's by-product depleted uranium in the UK and USA, and 3) the Iraqi people and environment against whom Depleted Uranium bullets and shells were used in an experimental manner. Depleted Uranium--U238- is not depleted of its uranium-the U-235 portion is merely reduced to be used for nuclear power stations and bombs. This subject has been covered before, but what is still new here is the work of Dr. Hari Sharma, a university radiochemist from Ontario Canada who has used a new radiometric method to show continued presence of U-238 8-9 years after the war ended in the urine of 40 war veterans from the U.S., Canada, the Uk, and Iraq. The scientific findings are extremely important; important enough for Dr. Sharma to have been questioned by Defense Dept heads from the U.S., UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada at one meeting. The nuclear industry and the U.S. military have joined forces in a dangerous and bizarre recycling program where uranium waste is used to make weapons casings because it is cheap and harder than tungsten-these radioactive weapons were used experimentally in the 1991 Gulf War and more recently in the war in the former Yugoslavia-specifically in Kosovo. The technology and stockpiling of U-238 is occurring in 13 countries-and that is why there exists UN Resolution 1996/36 condemning DU weapons at the UN Commission of Human Rights in Geneva. We cover Human Rights Attorney Karen Parker's work on this resolution in the film as well.