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Demonstrators warn of the ‘poison’ in your toothpaste
By Paul McKillion

A DEMONSTRATION warning of “poisonous” fluoride in toothpaste was held outside a city-centre shop yesterday.

And assembly members said they would be raising the matter of fluoride in water when the assembly is fully established.

Demonstrator Walter Graham said they were campaigning outside the Body Shop in Donegall Place “because they manufacture their toothpaste in the Republic of Ireland”.

He added: “The manufacturers of other toothpastes available here are based in the US so they are hard to reach.”

“This is a poison whose danger is only becoming known to the scientific community now.

“Just like asbestos, lead and BSE, fluoride was previously dismissed by many people but is now a proven danger.

“Body Shop believes the myth that it is good for your teeth but all drugs have side effects and this is one of the most poisonous.

“It is a cumulative effect and the small amounts build up in the body over a period of time.”

In leaflets handed out to passing shoppers, fluoride warnings on US-made toothpastes were quoted: “If you accidentally swallow more than a pea-sized quantity recommended for brushing seek professional help or contact a poison control centre immediately.”

The January issue of The Ecologist said: “Researchers from several universities around the world have confirmed the tendency of fluoride to induce genetic damage at a level of 1ppm.”

Mr Graham said: “That 1ppm amount is actually less than what you would find in a tube of toothpaste.”

A spokeswoman for the Body Shop said their toothpaste met EU directives which stipulated that “the total fluoride concentration for safe use must not exceed 1,500 ppm”.

“The Body Shop toothpaste incorporates an equivalent of 1,000 ppm fluoride as 0.76 per cent sodium monofluorophosphate.

“The Body Shop is satisfied that its toothpaste is safe.”

Danny Kennedy, UUP assembly member for Newry and Armagh, said he intended to raise the issue of fluoridation of water once power was devolved to the assembly.

“In the presentation Mr Graham gave to assembly members last November, the fluoridation of the water near Tandragee was a concern.

“I approached the health board but it is still being discussed. I will be raising the matter once the assembly goes live.”