I'm sure we ALL will be interested in this information and if not should be.  "FOOD IRRADIATION - THE GLOBAL AGENDA".  written by Susan Bryce (contact info: and )

This article I  have just finished reading from the NEXUS magazine Vol 8, No 2 Feb-Mar has sickened me to the stomach (literally).
Not a new topic I'm certain but never the less new to me.  Seems that nothing is sacred (AGAIN) to that certain group of mentality that has no morals/creed/decorum/respect for anything.

I think I'm attempting to be healthy eating fresh fruit/veges buying herbs/spices only to find I have been slowly exposing myself and child and family to radiation with my food.  I try to grow my own veges/herbs/spices only to find I'm slowly exposing myself to radiation with the potting mix and pots I'm purchasing.

These things are being irradiated to line the pockets of certain individuals in the venture of extending the nuclear fuel cycle.

Just shy of fifty countries are members to ICGFI (International Consultative Group on Food Irradiation) .  All are producing or going to be producing irradiated food/s in the name of "safer food" for longer life.  I am not giving the article justice but nonetheless all need the awareness of its existence.  I have just become  aware of this and the Australian food safety organization ANZFA has gone about changing a ban without notification only to whisper to the public the necessary info (although just looking on the net can't seem to find it) at the very end of the process of public consultation to allow Steritech Pty. Ltd. to irradiate food here in Aus.

Don't worry, and feel safe in the knowledge that the WHO, WTO, UN all think it is so good that it is now acceptable "standards" for international food trade.

This will help us little folk receive all those exotic delicacies (among other every day produce) fresh as the day they ripened etc. Hallelujah ! Even if it has been three/+ weeks/months coming.

We all had a fit over genetic modifications/mutilations of our food, this be another one.

If I have never felt helpless before, I do today.