Data: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 21:33:34 +0100 (BST) 
Oggetto: [du-list] anti-du theatre group (alchemy) tour of europe 

Dear anti-nuke/du folks

Just got exact dates for the alchemy theatre tour of europe. For those who don't know, alchemy specialise in anti-nuke/DU street/stage threatre/circus and are fantastic at getting people on board an issue. They are hoping to raise the DU issue while on tour taking leaflets etc. It is wonderful opportunity for groups in europe to utilse alchemy's creativity to spread the message. They want to link up with as many activists and veterans as they can. We just had them in Bristol, and to be honest they got more of the community thinking seriously about this issue in half an hour, than the ordinary activist could of done in 6 months. Alchemy I understand is quite willing to do other venues, so please contact them.





28-29 June - Fusion Festival, Hamburg
15-18 July - Climate Change Conference, Bonn


24 July - three weeks - The Arena, Vienna


1-2 September - Arnheim
8-9 September - A.D.M Festival, Amsterdam
15-16 September - Robodog Festival, Amsterdam
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Steve 07990 534437
Alan 07970 215278