Protest planned against uranium mine

Anti-nuclear campaigners are gearing up to protest against this week's official opening of the Beverley Uranium Mine in the State's north.

The mine is the first in Australia allowed to use the controversial in situ leaching process, which nvolves acid pumped into an underground aquifer.

Opponents claim the process will pollute underground water and could leak into the Great Artesian Basin, a claim denied by the Federal Government and the mine's operator, US company Heathgate Resources.

Dave Sweeney, from the Australian Conservation Foundation, says protests will include some of the local Adnyamathanha Aborigines.

He says the mine would not have been allowed in the United States, and the opening this Wednesday will be a grim day for the environment.

"Those concerns are obviously put into sharp relief when there's the company inviting to pull up and chilling the champagne to pop the cork," he said.

"We don't think it's any reason for celebration and we will be continuing and upgrading our efforts against the Beverley project."