Aboriginal elders go online in fight against nuclear dump
Source: AAP|Published: Thursday January 25, 4:22 PM

Aboriginal elders have gone online in their fight against a nuclear dump being located on traditional land in South Australia's far north.

Senior Aboriginal women of Coober Pedy say the preferred site of the low-level nuclear dump is traditional land of the Kokatha people.

The elders accuse the federal government of excluding Aboriginal groups from consultation about the dump site.

The government said yesterday its preferred site for a low-level nuclear dump was located northwest of Woomera, about 500 kilometres north of Adelaide.

Rebecca Bear-Wingfield, a spokeswoman for the Senior Aboriginal Women of Coober Pedy, says the Kokatha people have never been consulted about their concerns.

She says the community consultative process has been a sham and their new website, www.iratiwanti.org, chronicles the elders' fight to stop the dump.

Meanwhile, Woomera Small Business Association spokesman Bob Little says locating the dump near the township will tarnish the region's reputation.

Environmental assessment is expected to take about a year and the minister says the earliest the dump could be operational is some time in 2002.